Marketing Automation

What are we doing?

Companies need a steady stream of quality customers to grow.


However, to achieve this, a regular marketing plan and consequently valuation activities are required.


SUA provides "Lead generation activities" service for its customers who are eligible for this service.


Thanks to this service;
- Reaching potential customer
- Conducting interviews with customers reached
- As a result of the interview, the customer is scored in order to understand the qualified customer.
- We ensure that customers above certain points are transferred to the "Sales team" .


In this way, " ready for sale " customer information starts to come to your company in the criteria you specify. The sales team takes care of the right customer at the right time .

What are we aiming for?

☑️ Thanks to a systematic communication process, you ensure continuous communication with your customers.

☑️ Thanks to the measurable communication process, we aim to understand which customer is more valuable and sell according to this information.

We can make your communication with your customers measurable within a system.

You should work with us. Because;

The marketing automation platforms we use enable us to make marketing activities a progressive scenario within the rules .

Thanks to these scenarios, every customer who reaches the values after the analyzes we will make with you will be a valuable customer for you.

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