Robotic Process Automation

What are we doing?

We automate all your routine processes that have become a chore within your company, steal your employees' time, and clog the way for actual jobs, and solve them with robots.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which is our topic, is a technology that has been increasing in recent years and will create a very large market in the future.

In short, RPA is divided into two headings:

  1. Uninterrupted RPA (RPA - Robotic Process Automation): They are robots that perform small and continuously repetitive tasks, working 100% on their own and without interference on a real or virtual computer, independent of the user.

  2. User Supported RDA (RDA - Robotic Desktop Automation): These are robots that are installed on the company's employees' computer, help them in the daily activities of the employee, and automate the performed operations by 75% to 95%, greatly reducing the work times and the probability of errors .

What are we aiming for?

☑️ Decrease operational costs
☑️ Use employees in more efficient processes
☑️ Minimise operational errors

If you want to increase your operational efficiency and provide cost control, you can reach us.

You should work with us. Because;

With our robot and automation development experience from past years, we can intervene in the existing business processes much faster .

We can work with different software platforms and size the project according to your needs. Thanks to our studies and examples with our existing customers, we can solve your problem much faster without overwhelming you with technical arguments .

Please contact us for more information and meeting requests.
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